Shipley & Halmos invite you to take part in our Numerous Drawings “No Look Sketch Contest”.  Step 1: Pick a recognizable subject (ie: Albert Einstein, Shannen Doherty, Tony Iommi, etc).  Step 2: Without looking at the paper, create your best sketch of the chosen subject.  You are not allowed to look at the page, so trust your instincts.  No altering the drawing after completion and absolutely no erasers allowed!  Step 3: Email your submissions to greetings@shipley-halmos.com.  One submission per person.  The winner will receive a THINGS! by S&H drawing package, which includes an artist canvas tote bag, Moleskine for Numerous Drawings limited edition notebook (with a special hand-written note from Sam), and a pack of art career pencils.  Plus, the winning sketch will be posted on the Numerous Drawings blog on April 13th.  Each of 3 runner-ups will receive a Moleskine for Numerous Drawings limited edition notebook.  Contest starts April 6th and ends April 12th.

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