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Checking in with our bracket leaders

Here we are. 60 games, 13 buzzer beaters*, 6 turned ankles, 1 horrible broken leg, and 3 games left. Our leaders - Lucas "The Canadian" Timmons and Brian "Dos Equis" Combs - are battling head-to-head, both poised for fame beyond their wildest dreams. One will take home the prize, and the other will be the first place loser. So who's it going to be? We caught up with the two of them and were surprised to read their snarling attacks on each's character. This is gettin' serious.

* Writer fully acknowledges this is a total guess

S&H: Were you aware that after 60 intense NCAA games YOU and this other person are in the lead headed into the Final 4 and on to $1000 in S&H merchandise?

Dos Equis: Yes. Well aware. Trey Burke and Wichita State deserve the credit, though. Thanks, guys!

The Canadian: I've been following the contest all along. If Michigan would have lost to Kansas like they were supposed to you'd be interviewing me as the winner right now. The entire state of Michigan is now dead to me.

S&H: When compared to your tie-mate, what about this dude makes you angry?

Dos Equis: That he picked a tie breaker. In an urge of panic to transcribe my picks from my hard-copy bracket to the computer before the deadline, I neglected to punch in the game score for the tie breaker. And wouldn't you know it, he chose the exact score I would have . . .

The Canadian: The fact he had Michigan going into the final four. What is this, 1991? Here's hoping the ghost of C-Webb calls another timeout.

S&H: Why are YOU better than your tie-mate, just all around?

Dos Equis: We're both '80s babies. Nothin' but love, bro!

The Canadian: I'm a Canadian who's tied for winning a sports thing that has nothing to do with hockey.

S&H: They say the final stretch is about heart. What's yours all about?

Dos Equis: A quicker first step and superior leaping ability.

The Canadian: My final stretch is about making sure my legs don't cramp up while I'm asleep. Unless you were referring to heart, in which case it's about 250 grams and the size of my fist.

S&H: If this was some basketball Mortal Kombat death match between you two, who would you choose as your player, and what would be your finishing move (has to be related to basketball)?

Dos Equis: The Pickle Roll!

The Canadian: Charles Barkely, the round mound of rebound. My final move? The 'shut up and jam'.


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